Inky’s F5 Kittens

Inky’s F5 Kittens

Inky’s F5 kittens are here! She  has had her first litter here at Silverstorm! She has 4 kittens, their father is Bengalivo silver moon. Inky is my silver F4 girl down from the iconic Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’. We are so excited about these special babies. Inky is being a super but very protective mother, so I will take photos as soon as she feels comfortable with me doing so. There is a silver female with some beautiful  rosetting who I doubt I will be able to give up, a brown rosetted female and male, and a stunning melanistic ‘black panther’ male!

                                         Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’          


silverstorm inky (2)



















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