Silverstorm Bengals is a T.I.C.A registered, award winning Bengal cattery. We are also registered with the GCCF. We have specialised in breeding silver Bengals since 2005. We often have available Bengal kittens for pets are available throughout the year. A limited amount of kittens are available to small registered catteries (please note the photos of the Bengal kittens above are kittens we have bred previously and are not for sale, they are for reference only).

Our silver Bengal kittens are very popular, so please inquire for availability or to join our waiting list.
International export is available worldwide for top quality pet, breeding and show Bengal kittens. We have worked with our excellent pet shipper for 15 years now and between us we will handle your kittens journey safely and efficiently and with the utmost care.

When it’s just not possible to pick up your kitten we have an excellent licensed pet courier service for delivery within the UK, who will deliver from our door to yours.

Bengal kittens  leaving for homes in the UK, USA and Canada will be ready at 13 weeks of age, kittens leaving for other countries will be ready from 4 months.
Our Bengal cats are screened for genetic disease, including PRA-B, PK -Def and HCM.
Your kitten will be registered with T.I.C.A, litter trained, vaccinated and wormed. She/he will be  health checked by our vet twice at least twice, insured with Pet Plan (UK only) and will be happy, social and very much loved.

A deposit of £250.00 – £500 is required for a pet kitten, and £500 – £1000 for a breed/show quality  kitten or show/pet quality kitten. Although our pet kittens are normally the same price, our show and breed quality kittens are priced individually ,depending on their quality.

Please note that we cannot hold a kitten without a deposit for longer than 24 hours. Deposits are non-refundable (unless we cannot provide the kitten, if this is the case then the next suitable kitten available will be offered in place ).
All pet kittens must be neutered by 6 months (if not already neutered). Pedigree papers and registration slip will be withheld until a letter or invoice from your vet is provided, as proof of neutering.
Please note no cash refunds are given.


siulver bengal kitten

Example of one of our silver kittens (not available)



UPDATED 05/02/24

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