Bengal Type


What is wild type?

If you could take the pattern away from your Bengal would it still look like a cat that just stepped out of the jungle, or would it look like a domestic cat?

The qualities that give a Bengal its wild look can include small rounded ears set at the side of the head, thick leopard tail, large nocturnal eyes, muscular athletic body with flowing movement,  (that leopard cat walk!), wild panther shaped head, substantial chin, puffy whisker pads…all of that and more is TYPE.

So is there a perfect Bengal that has it all? No, but the more of these quality’s they have the less domestic they look. The Bengal’s that we will be looking at on this page are called SBTs, this means that they are at least 4 generations away from an Asian Leopard cat.

Let’s look at some of these qualities of TYPE…what do we see?


What should they look like?

First of all the smaller the better, with rounded tips. We don’t want tall pointed ears.

Just looks at Silverstorm Cubby’s tiny ears, little leopard prowling through the jungle!

George showing nicely rounded tips to his ears.

Large or pointed/triangular ears are common in domestic cats.They take away the wild look from a Bengal’s head.

Most wild cats have small round ears on the side of the head (snow leopards, lions, cheetahs, Asian leopard cats). Ears like this give the Bengal kitten a wonderful cub-like appearance and adult Bengal’s a much wilder look.

Snow Leopard Cub and Silverstorm kitten showing rounded ears, wide noses, and puffy whisker pads.

Snow Leopard cub
Silverstorm kitten


The ideal tail is thick and leopard like. Bengal tails should be far away from thin ‘whippy’ domestic cat tail as possible. An outstanding Bengal tail should be thick and muscular, carried low, with a blunt, rounded, virtually black tip.

Here is Silverstorm Cubby all grown up now, showing off his thick snow leopard tail.  You can see his tail also has outstanding rosettes just like a wild cat.

This gives them the look we see in beautiful wild cats, such as the magnificent tail on this Snow Leopard.

The strikingly beautiful snow leopard remains one of the most mysterious cats in the world.

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