Bengal Character

Is the Bengal an active cat?

Thanks to artist & author Jackie Morris for this photo of Silverstorm Lady Spitifer

Although every cat including the Bengal differs depending on the individual temperament, in general a Bengal is not like your typical domestic cat who will sleep for a good part of the time. Bengal’s have high energy levels due to their wild blood from their Asian Leopard cat ancestors.

Bengal’s love the big outdoors. Of course there are risks in letting your Bengal loose in the big wide world, such as busy roads. You can compromise by building an enclosure or cat proofing your garden, but only you can decide if you live in a suitable place for your Bengal to have its freedom. Bengal’s also love walking.  You can buy special walking jackets but often your Bengal willingly follow. To walk with your cat is a magical experience, and if you live in the countryside, or in a wild beautiful place, your Bengal will probably love to walk with you.

I met a lovely lady, Artist and Author Jackie Morris who now has 3 Silverstorm cats and Elmo a ginger tom. She has written a book about walking with her cats full packed the most beautiful photographs. You can read an article on the Guardian’s website about  Cat Walk here.

The Asian Leopard cat is almost constantly on the move, hunting for food. It has to be alert, agile and clever to survive in the wild and hunt successfully. The Asian Leopard Cat has passed on these traits to the Bengal. Due to its intelligence inherited from its Asian Leopard ancestor not only is a Bengal extremely athletic, but it also has a very active mind.

Here’s Ghost clowning around in the garden

So quite an intelligent cat? 

Well maybe Silverstorm Indian Summer hasn’t actually learnt to read yet but she is getting there…

The Bengal loves play hide and seek, and will fetch and retrieve toys for you endlessly. Bengal’s sometimes like to hide favourite things, such as pens, hair bands, and cable ties, and hoard them in odd places.  I have  been told so many funny and incredible stories by my customers, but one story that made me smile was the Silverstorm kitten who had been stealing pound notes and hiding them in his owners shoes!

Many people teach their Bengal to use the toilet. Helena taught her first Bengal ‘Kooga’ to do this.

After Silverstorm Sabre joined their family, he taught himself  after he had Kooga a few times.

Kooga showing Sabre how to do it.

Sabre using the toilet his way!

Bengal’s love of water is infamous, they will often join you in the bath or shower and love nothing better than a running tap to play with. I have even had Bengal kittens jump into the pond on purpose on a summers day.

If your Bengal does not get enough attention or stimulation it can become bored and he will definitely let you know about it!

Some Bengal’s are  more vocal than others, but they all have a wide range of vocalisations, and will chatter and chirrup,  often sounding more like birds than cats.

The Bengal is a happy, funny, confident and interactive cat, it likes to get actively involved with the household and help out when it can…

One thing is for sure there won’t be a dull moment with a Bengal around, and  a sense of humour is needed sometimes.

If your Bengal is to be left on its own for periods of time it is often better to have two,  they will provide company and entertain for each other in your absence. Apart from another Bengal, other extrovert breeds of cat will also make good companions. It does depend on the individual character of your cats or course.

Rajah helping to make cakes…

Rajah and Monkey help to fill litter trays their way…


Emptying the dish washer?

Bengal’s also  get along very well with dogs…

Partners in crime, ‘Monkey’ our silver- smoke Bengal has made a hole in the biscuit bag, and is reluctant to share with Pickle!

Peace at last…

Bengal’s seem to have a natural affinity to children, and find child’s play a huge source of fun and entertainment.

A Bengal will love you deeply, and will often find one special person who he will want to be close to, and will follow, talk to you,  perch on a shoulder and groom your hair. There is no love like the love of a  Bengal. There is a reason people say the Bengal is ‘dog’ like in its devotion to human

Here is Rosy and ‘Pixie’ as a kitten. Pixie grew up to become a Quadruple grand-champion and is ‘Rajahs’ mother.

 Rajah and my daughter Rosy 

Rosy and Princess when they were both quite young

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