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Silverstorm Fantasia is our keeper girl from Midnight Frosts last litter with Barnaby. She has inherited his strong look and chin, and has popping black and white contrast.
She reminds me so much of her Grandmother Jungletime Tribal design who came to us from the USA.


Jungletime Tribal Design

Silverstorm Fantasia



We have a little silver melanistic (smoke) female. A little black panther! More details on my ‘available’ page soon.  She has a wild profile and a ‘just walked out of the jungle’ look.

Happy Halloween from Silverstorm and Kleokatra! 🎃👻🎃

Silverstorm Kora Kleokatra now lives in the USA with her new family. Doesn’t she look beautifully wild on this  Hallows Eve!

27th October 2021
We have an amazing girl looking for her new forever home. Nahla is 4 years old and is neutered. She is an extremely friendly and  a typically crazy, happy, active and very clever Bengal girl. She is also absolutely stunning….

See more photos on our ‘AVAILABLE’ page.


Silverstorm Bengals have partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust since 2014.
We are very happy to announce that together with a donation from every ‘mini Silverstorm snow Leopard’ homed in 2020 we have raised $505 to help make Snow Leopard conservation possible!


This beautiful silver rosetted Bengal kitten is going to her new home soon. She will have a wonderful home at the cattery Indokatz  in Java, Indonesian. Indonesia is the home of the Bengals cats wild ancestor ‘the Asian leopard cat’.
This girl has big doughnut rosettes, a thick tail and pelt, with a wild look. She will fit in wonderful at Indokatz!

You can browse the website of Indokatz here

The stunning charcoal Bengal has a darker coat colour and ‘Zorro’ markings.

These consist of a dark face mask, white goggles and dark cape along the back.

Charcoal is both a colour and a pattern.

The striking and beautiful effect is the result of of the Asian Leopard gene combining with the domestic cat non- agouti gene (solid black).

Siverstorm Nanuk Ice Bear is a daddy! We have paired him up with Justwild Dorothy and they have one beautiful Seal silver lynx male kitten. The lucky new owner lives in Hong Kong and is very excited for baby bear to join her soon.

Silverstorm Bengals are partners of the Snow Leopard Trust in the USA,
We would like to thank all our customers in 2019!
We are very pleased to announce that together with a donation from every ‘mini snow leopard’ sold this year we have raised $520 to help protect these beautiful animals. As we made the donation on Giving Tuesday the donation was matched and doubled by Edrington/Snow leopard trust!



I am so excited about my little silver seal-lynx keeper boy F6 Silverstorm Nanuk Ice Bear.
I have decided to call him Nanuk which is the Inuit (Eskimo) word for Polar bear.
Nanuk is from F6 Rainforest White Water and F5 Silverstorm Platinum Legacy. His strong boning is apparent at such a young age, he has a deep strong head, and beautiful profile flowing over to rounded back scull. His contrasted pattern sits on a lovely cool back background. He is also super cuddly!
Nanuk is 6 generations away from ALC Leopole, 9 from ALC Phantom, 8 from ALC Taro, 10 from ALC Kabuci and 7 from ALC Elias.