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Silverstorm Trooper (little play on words,  can you guess I’m a Star Wars fan!), is the most stunning black on white with glitter, definitely a keeper boy,  from Silverstorm Otto and Silverstorm Silver Lining.
He has a beautiful pattern of medium sized,  well spaced rosettes,  with good flow. We are excited to watch his development.



Congratulations to Daria and Silverstorm

His first TICA show was in Estonia February 2023, and he did so well! 8 finals including 2nd Best cat 🏆
Silverstorm Bob is a beautiful silver son of Otto and Jewel, he lives in Finland at Splendere Bengals.
Thank you so much for showing him Daria we are very proud of him.



We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new silver kitten Titawine Star! She is from Griffes de Feu cattery in France. Star has such a clear white coat and contrasted pattern, with blotch’s and spots all the way down her legs. She also has a beautifully wild head and expression.
Stars great-grandmother is are very own Nahla!

Ocean is a silver female from Otto and Jewel’s last litter  and certianly she is a silver beauty! She has left for her new home at Nikoletta Nemeth’s cattery ‘Praslin Bengals’ in the Netherlands.

Silverstorm Raiden is such an awesome kitten! Here he is looking chilled in his new home in San Francisco.

I adore these little snow twins from Tundra and Blizzard. Little girl on the left, little boy on the right.

Silverstorm Fantasia is our keeper girl from Midnight Frosts last litter with Barnaby. She has inherited his strong look and chin, and has popping black and white contrast.
She reminds me so much of her Grandmother Jungletime Tribal design who came to us from the USA.


Jungletime Tribal Design

Silverstorm Fantasia



We have a little silver melanistic (smoke) female. A little black panther! More details on my ‘available’ page soon.  She has a wild profile and a ‘just walked out of the jungle’ look.

Happy Halloween from Silverstorm and Kleokatra! 🎃👻🎃

Silverstorm Kora Kleokatra now lives in the USA with her new family. Doesn’t she look beautifully wild on this  Hallows Eve!