IThis stunning girl comes to us from Nath at Griffes de Feu cattery in France.
She does remind me of her great  grandmother Silverstorm Nahla on her father side, her funny and confident personality as well as her beauty. Her great great grandfather is the magnificent world champion SDL Airforce one.
Her pedigree on her mothers side is from iconic Rainforest lines, and also Afrikatte and Brownsugar.

Titawine has the most  incredible coat clarity which makes for a dazzling white background colour,  and shows off her black rosetting so well. We love her spotty legs and convex profile, nice egg shaped head and good chin.

We would like to thanks Nath for this wonderful girl.

Rani has inherited her super wild look from her mother Sari. Her long athletic body has raised hind quarters and a low tail set.
She has a beautiful pattern, with rosettes randomly distributed on a clear glittered coat.
This clarity and glitter no doubt comes down from her grandfather and grandmother ‘Moon and India’.

PK Negative

PRA-B Negative

PK Negative

PRA-B Negative







SIRE: Queenanne Silver Lining

DAM: Silverstorm Moonlit Jungle

PK-Def Negative

Pra-b Negative





SIRE: Snowstormuk Otto the Great

DAM: Silverstorm Snow Queen

PK Def Negative

PRA-b Negative

Polar is a silver seal-lynx, and she is simply breathtaking. She has a deep body with excellent boning and muscular structure.  I love those puffy whisker pads, wide nose, and her small rounded ears with a wide base to them. She has an egg shaped head, with rounded contours. Her tail is very thick and blut ended giving her that wild cat look.

Being a silver-snow she has a much whiter backgound, with glacial tones. A silver-snow has less warm tones than a regular snow, and this girl also has a extremely soft, plush coat, with excellent contrast to her pattern.






SIRE: RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajas Cat

DAM: Crestwood Midnight Mirage