Silver Legacy, pet name Asa, is an F5 Bengal from Otto and Silver Legacy. He has blown the judges away in the USA where he lives with Cathy and family at Capstone Bengals. He is currently 2nd best Bengal in the world (spring 2018) and is a Supreme Grand Champion and has just been awarded an International win!


Hercules is a stunning silver boy out of Silverstorm Himalaya and Snowstormuk Otto the Great. He now lives in Malta at Ollie Benji Bengals. At his first show he became a Grand Champion, and was only a few points off a Triple Grand Champion! Only one show later he became a Quadruple Grand Champion.






SIRE: Bengalivo Silver Moon

DAM:Silverstorm Moonlit Jungle

HCM tested clear 2017

Moonshine is a stunning boy i kept back from Bengalivo Silver Moon and Silverstorm Moonlit Jungle back in 2016. Now retired, he is grandfather to Silverstorm Princess Rani.

He has a muscular body and neck, his pelt is so tight, you cant pinch an inch on him! His contrast and coat clarity is simply breathtaking. Ink black expression on a white background, sparkling with glitter. He has wild expression and small rounded ears, and a low slung walk with a thick tail.






SIRE: RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat

DAM: Sofysticats African Queen

PK Negative

The Maharajahs Jewel is a stunning clear coated, glittered girl. She has produced some beautiful kittens for us and is now retired.






SIRE: Zazen Mountain Ghost

DAM: Sofysticats African Queen

PK Negative

Himalaya has produced many stunning kittens for us and is now retired.






Winter is an excellent example of a silver-seal lynx who has amazingly wild type. She has a cool glacial background and large nocturnal, ice blue eyes. Her ears are small and rounded, a trait difficult to achieve in a ‘seal-lynx, I also love her thick snow leopard tail.

She now lives in France with Nathalie at ‘Griffes de Feu’ cattery. I am extremely proud of this girl.

siulver bengal kitten






This stunning girl from Silverstorm Midnight in the Jungle looks just like wild like a little leopard cub in silver! She is covered in black outlined rosettes in a random wild pattern, a beautiful head and straight profile, wide muzzle, small well placed ears, gold eyes, and a short thick tail. Just awesome!