The silver seal-lynx

Silverstorm Hera is a seal-lynx Bengal cat

The silver seal-lynx


The silver seal-lynx Bengal Silverstorm Hera is a stunning girl we sent to SS Bengals in Hong Kong last year. You can find SS Bengals here. Hera is perfect example of a silver seal lynx Bengal cat and has a beautiful ice cool colour, patterned with delicately outlined snow leopard rosettes. Her glacial colour is what we aim to achieve when breeding silver lynx.
The silver seal-lynx Bengals and Seal lynx Bengals are often unofficially called blue eyed snow Bengals and they are the only colour of Bengal to have those beautiful blue eyes.
There are three different types of snow Bengal. The seal-lynx, the mink and sepia. All of these can also be silver as well, and if so, their colouring will generally be cooler like Silverstorm Hera.

The seal-lynx Bengal has the palest markings, from grey in the silver seal-lynx to beige in the seal-lynx.
The colour was originally introduced into the Bengal breed from the domestic cats used in the beginning  of the breed.
The three snow colours were accepted as registered colours by TICA so that breeders could produce cats that mimicked the Snow leopard. We think silver and silver seal-lynx Bengals look even more like Snow leopards as Snow leopards often show a silvery

Snow leopard in the snow

patina. Compare the Snow leopards colouring  in the photo to Silverstorm Hera.

Seal lynx Bengal

Seal-lynx Bengal kittens are normally born completely white (like Dalmatian puppies), and their markings gradually appear at about 3 weeks. Although lynx generally have the least contrast, this is not always the case. We have had well contrasted seal- lynx kittens at birth here at Silverstorm. So it can depend on the breeding.

Mink Bengal

The Mink colour occurs when a kitten has one sepia gene and one seal-lynx gene. Mink kittens are always  born with a pattern that is visible. Their eyes are usually Aquamarine but can be gold.
As seal- lynx and sepia genes are both needed to produce the mink colour,  there is no mink gene and therefore mink cannot be carried recessively.

Sepia Bengal

Sepia appeared from the outcrossing to Burmese in the beginnings of the breed. Kittens are born with visible markings and can have green or gold eyes. As adults they have darker markings and can look almost brown.

You can see more of Silverstorm silver snows on my  Information About the Bengal page 



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