Rajah is best silver Bengal in Western Europe, 3rd best in the world 2012-2013

PK Negative
HCM Tested negative 08.05.2013
SIRE: Jungletime Tribal Design
DAM:QGCH Silverstorm Raindance

This is my awesome new silver home bred boy. He is heavily boned, has a powerful, muscular body right down to his huge paws and knuckles. With big clouded leopard rosettes painted on a tight silky glass like pelt and high contrast, he is so glittered he slips through your hands! He has a phenomenal head, a straight profile, small well placed ears, large, slightly oval nocturnal eyes, and a strong, deep chin. When he walks his carriage and tail are low with a slow Leopard shoulder shuffle. To top it all he has the sweetest puppy dog nature I have ever met!

Crestwood Midnight Mirage of Silverstorm (F6)

Sire: Stonehenge Cold Fusion
Dam: Crestwood Decoder Ring

Here is my phenomenal new girl from Crestwood Bengals in Arizona. This stunning girl is a silver charcoal. Her striking face mask accentuates her wild expression, her coat is clear and bright, with a black contrasted pattern. She is an incredibly wild looking girl, one could easily mistake her for an F1. Her head looking much closer to an ALC than a SBT , with those big nocturnal eyes set back in her scull and wild expression.

I have long admired Victoria’s breeding program and Mira is descended from a combination of Junglebook and Stonehenge lines, her grandfather being the famous SGCH Stonehenge Wurthawaite of Snopride.

I cannot thank Victoria and Bob enough for entrusting this sweet girl to me ( I’m still pinching myself!).