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A snowleopard cub walking. Silverstorm Bengals have donated to the Snow Leopard Trust in 2020

Our donation to the Snow Leopard Trust 2020 has come to $505!

Silverstorm Bengals have partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust since 2014. You can see our name listed on the Snow Leopard Trusts ‘Business’ partners page here
We are very happy to announce that together with our donation to the snow leopard trust for every ‘mini Silverstorm snow Leopard’ homed in 2020 we have raised $505 to help make Snow Leopard conservation possible! Thank you to all our custombers in 2020.

We aim to breed our silver kittens to mimic the magnificent Snow leopard, you can read about Snow leopard patterns and other big cat patterns including the Asian Leopard Cat here