With the look of the wild…..

With the look of the wild…..

With the look of the wild…..





Whether our kitten are placed in pet or top quality show/breed homes, we want then to have one thing in common………..

to look like they have just walked out of the jungle or sprung down from the high mountain steppe.

If you could take the pattern away from our cats would they look like wild cats or  domestic?

The qualities that give a Bengal its wild look can include small rounded ears set at the side of the head, thick leopard tail, large nocturnal eyes, muscular athletic body with flowing movement,  (that leopard cat walk!), wild panther shaped head, substantial chin, puffy whisker pads…all of that and more is TYPE.

You can find our more about wild type, and the different qualities that that give a Bengal its wild look, on my Bengal Type page which you can view here

Don’t let looks deceive you though, your Silverstorm kitten will become your most devoted, and loving friend.

All our Bengal’s are above F4, which means they are over 4 generations removed from an Asian Leopard Cat and are domestic cats.