Child holding cat

Cuddle time, for Silverstorm Pacha from his little friend. This has to be the winner of the cutest Silverstorm photo award!

Lauren St John’s kitten, a silver spotted Bengal cat sitting in a cardboard box with the words ‘small’ written in black on it. Lauren St John’s kitten is small but not for long!
Silverstorm Teddy is a lucky boy, he now lives with award winning author and animal lover Lauren St John.
Teddy is a stunning silver rosetted boy. Thanks Lauren for this lovely photo and it was a pleasure to meet you.

If you would like to learn more about Lauren and her wonderful books you can find her website here


A Brown charcoal Bengal cat called Chewie is lieing on the floor. He is on his back with his legs in the air. His owner is brushing cat nip off him with a dustpan and brush. Keep off the catnip!




Keep off the catnip Chewie! Silverstorm Chewie is a brown charcoal Bengal.
This hilarious photo was sent to me by his new family. Here he is having a brush down. His eyes say it all  😂






The beautiful Kloecatra now lives with her new family in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Kelly for the photo


Silverstorm Trooper a silver Bengal cat



Silverstorm Trooper is my outstanding keeper boy from Otto and Silver Lining.  He is a grandson to the iconic Maharajahs Cat. Trooper is all I had hoped for from this wonderful pairing. Both parents are big, muscular cats. His clear contrasted coat, is patterned with black rosettes, which have a good  horizontal flow and are painted on to a long muscular body, remanisent of the Leopard Cat.

Silverstorm Trooper  is still young and has some growing to do, but is going to be a big boy like his parents I think. He has a beautiful profile, gold eyes and a wild essence to him.

Scroll through the photos to see him as a younger kitten.

You can see his sire Otto here

and his dam Silver Lining here


IThis stunning girl comes to us from Nath at Griffes de Feu cattery in France.
She does remind me of her great  grandmother Silverstorm Nahla on her father side, her funny and confident personality as well as her beauty. Her great great grandfather is the magnificent world champion SDL Airforce one.
Her pedigree on her mothers side is from iconic Rainforest lines, and also Afrikatte and Brownsugar.

Titawine has the most  incredible coat clarity which makes for a dazzling white background colour,  and shows off her black rosetting so well. We love her spotty legs and convex profile, nice egg shaped head and good chin.

We would like to thanks Nath for this wonderful girl.




Silverstorm Miyamoto Musashi and Silverstorm Sasaki kojiro, now live in Canada.




Silverstorm Miyamoto showing off his paw print rosettes in a beautiful cat nap .
Miyamoto lives in Canada.




Dolce & Gabbana model,  the beautiful Laura Murrey  posing with the gorgeous Silverstorm Passion.