Meet Obi wan, the smallest dinosaur. Obi wan lives in LA with his proud new parents singer Chrissy Constanza and Tucker.

Obiwan lives in Los Angeles with mommy, American singer and songwriter Chrissy Constanza and Tucker Roberts. You can follow him on Instagram Obiwanthebengal





Silverstorm Raiden lives in San Francisco and loves walks in the parks and city and paddling in the ocean with his humans .

You can follow him on Instagram raidenthebengal






Silverstorm Maharani and Winter checking out the view
Maharani is a beautiful brown charcoal kitten.

Maharani  later went on to father Bengallily Mamba Sheikh,  who is the first Charcoal in TICA’s history to win Best of Breed Internationally!





Silverstorm Maharani of BengalLily now living in North Carolina at with her best friend Winter.





Two little snow leopards . Kleocatra is a beautiful kitten from Silverstorm Princess Rani. Here she is with her new best friend, in Pennsylvania USA.




Silverstorm Summit chillin with his new dad in sunny Texas, USA. He  clearly adores him!




Silverstorm Ivar looking very relaxed after only 3 days in his new home!






Silverstorm Princess Kora Kleocatra having a cuddle on the way home from the airport to her new home in Pennsylvania USA.