Silverstorm Ice Breaker Patch of Heaven

Silverstorm Ice Breaker Patch of Heaven made quite a stir at his first TICA show as a kitten in Austria! He came first in every ring and waa awarded Best of breed! Well done to Sabine, Karl and Ice Breaker!

Ice Breaker is a Champion at his first show as an adult!

Silverstorm kitten Diesel’s plane crash landed!

Award of Excellence

QGCH Silverstorm Raindance is the Best Black Silver Spotted cat of Northern Europe 2008!!

May Day Show

Pixie is a Quadruple Grand Champion!

DGC Silverstorm Raindance attended her 3rd show at the ‘May Day’ Tica cat show in Newbury, on the 3rd & 4th May.

Pixie has achieved the title of QGC in just three shows!

She came 1st in colour and division in three rings and 2nd in colour and division on day one, with two 3rd Best of breeds and one 1st Best of breed. Judge Francine Hicks awarded her 5th Best cat in her Allbreed Final. Pixie was the only bengal in the final and she mentioned that ‘it was quite unusual for a silver bengal’. It is quite difficult for a silver bengal to be finalled on its own, with all the competition from the much more numerous brown spotted bengals.

On day two she came 1st Best in colour and division in three rings and 2nd Best in colour and division in three rings, with one 3rd Best cat and one 1st Best cat. She was awarded 5th Best cat by Allbreed judge Francine hicks which was what Pixie needed to achieve her QGC!

Snowdrops & Snowflakes Show

Hallmark Silver Monsoon ‘Lolly’, attended her first show as a kitten at the CatTica ‘Snowdrops and Snowflakes’ Cat show in Birmingham, on the 2nd & 3rd February.

She did so well!!

She was finalled three times, coming home with three rosettes for 7th Best kitten , 4th best kitten and 3rd best kitten, with two best of breeds and one 2nd best of breed. She came first in 5 rings out of 6 on day two!!

Judge Francine Hicks from the USA commented on her extremely clear coat, really wild look, and her wide muzzle. Lolly loved her and started purring as soon as she was picked up!

Snowdrops & Snowflakes Show

Pixie is now a Double Grand Champion!

CH Silverstorm Raindance ‘Pixie’ attended her 2nd show as an adult at the “Snowdrops & Snowflakes” TICA Cat Show, Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham, on the 2nd & 3rd February 2008.

She went from CH to DGC, a jump of two titles!

On day one she came 1st colour and division in 3 rings and 2nd in 3 rings in colour and division. She was awarded 3rd best of breed in 2 rings, and one best of breed in 1 ring. Francine Hicks from the US finaled her giving her 5th Best Cat!

On day two she came 1st best in colour and division in 5 rings and 2nd in colour and division in 1 ring . She was awarded one best of breed and one 3rd best of breed. Edith Mary Smith gave her 7th Best Cat and Francine Hicks gave her 5th best cat.

Judge Francine Hicks commented on her wonderful pattern, small well placed ears, good profile, and most of all her wonderfully muscular, tight body.

She said she had never seen such a muscular body in a female bengal before, and added that she is sure she will be seeing her again. You bet she will!!

Well Done Pixie!!


CHAMPION Hallmark Silverdream Machine has been given an Award of Excellence for THIRD BEST BLACK SPOTTED TABBY BENGAL OF THE YEAR 2007, TICA Region of Northern Europe.

Well done Baloo!

The Christmas Spirit cat show

Silverstorm Raindance ‘Pixie’ has become a CHAMPION at her first show as an adult, at the Spoticat Christmas Spirit cat show in Leicester on the 8th December.

She was given 4th Best cat by Pam Barret in the all breed finals.

She wowed USA Judge Steven Savant with her glitter! He brought her forward to ask the crowd if they had ever seen glitter on a silver like this, and took me aside when i went up to get her, complimenting Pixie on her glittered coat, saying that every single hair reflected the light and was amazing!

Not suprisingly he gave her 1st BOC and 1st BOD.

Well done Pixie!

Oct-O-Pussy Show

Pixie attended her first show as a kitten, on the 6th October, at the BCCGB Oct-O-Pussy show in Lutterworth.

She did so well! She came 1st best in colour and division in 3 rings and 2nd best in colour and division in 2 rings. Judge Thomas Anderson from Denmark, gave her Shorthair Speciality, 8th Best kitten, and Susan Lee from the USA gave her 6th Best kitten in the Bengal kitten congress, out of 34 kittens!

Susan commented on her small well placed ears and wonderful pattern.

The B.C.C.G.B Show


Congratulations to Hallmark Silverdream Machine.

His 1st show as a kitten, he would have gained championship status if he were an adult, (as a kitten can’t gain titles until it is an adult).

He got 1st Best of Division in 3 rings, 1st Best of color in 3 rings and 2nd best of color and division in 1 ring.

He was finaled by judge Vicky shields and won 6th Best Kitten in All breeds.

In the Bengal Kitten Congress he was finaled by judge Thomas Anderson who awarded him 3rd Best Kitten from 32 kittens, and commented on his ‘Wonderful Pattern’ .

We can’t wait to see how he does as an adult!

CatTica Cat Show

“NEWS FLASH!” Baloo was made a CHAMPION in his first show as an adult!

At the CatTica Furry Four Paws cat show in Birmingham on 4th February.

The judge Pascal Remy commented on his “incredible pattern, silky coat ad strong muscular body.”

Well Done Baloo!

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