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Silverstorm Quicksilver lives in Shanghai.  He has been attending quite a few  shows in China lately with his owner Rongly Li, and has been doing really very well. What a handsome boy he is, just like his father Otto and grandfather Regional winner and Supreme Grand-champion Silverstorm The Maharajas Cat. His extremely laid back temperamant no doubt helps, as you can see sitting up to eat is just too much effort!


Silverstorm Quicksilver lives in Shanghai. A silver Bengal cat lieing by his food bowl












Our new boy Silver lining  has beautiful big outlined clouded rosettes, and wild expression. He will hopefully be producing some stunning kittens for us in 2017. Silver lining comes to us from our good friend Gaynor at Queenanne cats.



Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat loved this photo shoot with some of his many rosettes. I am sure he understands that he has won them. He is 17th Best short-hair cat in Western Europe, Best silver Bengal and 3rd Best silver Bengal in the world 2012-2013.
See more of Rajah here

Rajah was shown with TICA


Happy new year! I would like to say a big thank you to all my customers who bought a kitten from me in 2015. With every Silverstorm kitten sold a donation has been made to the Snow Leopard Trust on your behalf. In buying a Silverstorm kitten you have helped a little towards conserving these beautiful animals in the wild.
Luckily I was also able to make the donation on ‘Giving Tuesday’, and the Snow Leopard Trust were able to double the donation of $437 with help from a group of donors!

If you would like to make a donation, you can find the Snow Leopard Trust here



Thank you to the countess of Shaftesbury Dinah for ‘SnowstormUK Otto the Great’ my gorgeous new boy. He is from a one time breeding with Dinah’s beautiful rosetted silver seal-lynx ‘Amarillo’ and my stud boy ‘Regional winner and Supreme grand-champion Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat’.

He has a highly contrasted, glittered, silky pelt,  thick tail and  a wild looking face.

You can see Otto all grown up HERE






Cat Walk by Jackie Morris is an absolute treat. Her new book is packed full of the most beautiful  photos of her cats walking with her through the seasons. They walk through the stunning countryside near her home in Pembrokeshire. You can see photos of her three Bengals from Silverstorm along with her ginger cats. If you would like to buy the book, click the photo below and you will be taken to a Graffeg books where you can purchase it.

Cat book by Jackie Morris



Inky’s F5 kittens are here! She  has had her first litter here at Silverstorm! She has 4 kittens, their father is Bengalivo silver moon. Inky is my silver F4 girl down from the iconic Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’. We are so excited about these special babies. Inky is being a super but very protective mother, so I will take photos as soon as she feels comfortable with me doing so. There is a silver female with some beautiful  rosetting who I doubt I will be able to give up, a brown rosetted female and male, and a stunning melanistic ‘black panther’ male!

                                         Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’          


silverstorm inky (2)


















Silverstorm Purrfection is a Supreme Grand-champion and Regional winner!
Not only has Purrfection achieved the title of Supreme Grand-Champion in only 5 shows, he is now a regional winner and is 17th Best Shorthair cat, 2nd Best Bengal and Best silver Bengal in Western Europe show season 2014-2015! Following in the footsteps of his father who also became a Supreme Grand-Champion in just 5 shows and  17th Best Shorthair cat in Western Europe  2013-2014. Rajah is a very proud father!
Purrfections sire is also a Regional winner and Supreme grand champion, you can see him here


Congratulations to Silverstorm Purrfection and his owner Julie at Summerspride Bengals.  At the Swanley TICA show this weekend, Purrfection achieved a total of nine finals, an incredible seven 1st best of breeds, four 2nd Best of breeds, and four 3rd Best of breeds! This was his second show as a kitten. What an amazing achievement, we are thrilled.



Coontica Cat Show 2013 was Rajahs grand finale of the season. The show ‘The final countdown’ took place over the weekend of April 27/28th. This was Rajahs last show of the show season for 2012-2013 and he went out with a bang! Here he is showing off on the pole in Asa’s ring. She gave him 3rd best cat in her final.