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My home bred kitten Luna attended her 22251215_10214872531514741_1747954281_o1st TICA show run by the London cat show, part of a family pet show, in Manchester last Saturday.
Its been some time since I last went to a show and it was lovely to see old friends and new!
I am thrilled with her results Luna winning 3 Best of breed, and 2 best of breeds and was Best kitten twice in finals and also 5th best kitten.. I would like to say a special thank you to judge Steven Meserve for awarding Luna her Best kitten finals, and recognizing how hard it is to produce such a clear untarnished coat in a silver. He commented on her crazy contrast, glitter and muscular structure.
Luna and Ravi were side by side with James Brown and a Street cat named Bob who also attended the pet show! Here they are together signing his books.





He has been attending quite afew shows in China lately with his owner Rongly Li, and has been doing really very well. What a handsome boy he is, just like his father Otto and grandfather Regional winner and Supreme Grand-champion Silverstorm The Maharajas Cat. His extremely laid back temperamant no doubt helps, as you can see sitting up to eat is just too much effort!














This little boy is one of my spring kittens. He is a silver F5, which means he is 5 generations away from an Asian Leopard Cat. The name of this particular Asian Leopard cat is ‘New Horizons Leopole’. I think he is absolutely beautiful, and of the palest silver colour which is just breathtaking. I don’t think i will be able to let him go. Watch this space  for updates on him!



My new Christmas litter are opening their eyes to lots of sparkle!



I am so glad that i kept this beautiful daughter from Rajah. Taking after her father she has wondeful wild type and muscular structure,  and those eyes! Those fiery tigers eyes just glow from out of her monotone silver shades. Simply stunning.



We are thrilled with Otto first babies, Himalaya is the proud mother.

Silver lining  has beautiful big outlined clouded rosettes, and wild expression. He will hopefully be producing some stunning kittens for us in 2017. Silver lining comes to us from our good friend Gaynor at Queenanne cats.



We can’t wait to welcome our stunning new boy to Silverstorm. He has a pale silver background, perfect outlined and contrasted Snow Leopard rosettes.  Combined with wild expression and type he will bring so much to our programme.

A big thank you to our good friend Gaynor at Queenanne cats.



Rajah loved this photo shoot with some of his many rosettes. I am sure he understands that he has won them. He is 17th Best short-hair cat in Western Europe, Best silver Bengal and 3rd Best silver Bengal in the world 2012-2013.



I would like to say a big thank you to all my customers who bought a kitten from me in 2015. With every Silverstorm kitten sold a donation has been made to the Snow Leopard Trust on your behalf. In buying a Silverstorm kitten you have helped a little towards conserving these beautiful animals in the wild.
Luckily I was also able to make the donation on ‘Giving Tuesday’, and the Snow Leopard Trust were able to double the donation of $437 with help from a group of donors!