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Siverstorm Nanuk Ice Bear is a daddy! We have paired him up with Justwild Dorothy and they have one beautiful Seal silver lynx male kitten. The lucky new owner lives in Hong Kong and is very excited for baby bear to join her soon.

Silverstorm Bengals are partners of the Snow Leopard Trust in the USA,
We would like to thank all our customers in 2019!
We are very pleased to announce that together with a donation from every ‘mini snow leopard’ sold this year we have raised $520 to help protect these beautiful animals. As we made the donation on Giving Tuesday the donation was matched and doubled by Edrington/Snow leopard trust!



I am so excited about my little silver seal-lynx keeper boy F6 Silverstorm Nanuk Ice Bear.
I have decided to call him Nanuk which is the Inuit (Eskimo) word for Polar bear.
Nanuk is from F6 Rainforest White Water and F5 Silverstorm Platinum Legacy. His strong boning is apparent at such a young age, he has a deep strong head, and beautiful profile flowing over to rounded back scull. His contrasted pattern sits on a lovely cool back background. He is also super cuddly!
Nanuk is 6 generations away from ALC Leopole, 9 from ALC Phantom, 8 from ALC Taro, 10 from ALC Kabuci and 7 from ALC Elias.

I would like to introduce my wonderful new seal-Lynx point boy, Rainforest White Water. I’m going to call his pet name ‘Bear’ after his fertile seal-Lynx F4 grandfather ‘Ice Cold Bear’.
I am so grateful to Jaen Treesinger for letting me have him. I have long admired Jaens program, particularly her her focus on body structure. Bear has a powerful body with substantial boning. He has a curved top line sloping down to a thick blunt ended tail carried low. He has small cupped ears and large expressive eyes.
He is 8 generations from ALC Phantom, 7 from ALC Taro, 9 from ALC Kabuki and 6 from ALC Elias.
Bear will introduce some completely new lines to our program and hopefully produce some beautiful silver-snows with my girls in 2019.

The stunning QGCH Silverstorm Hercules owned, loved and shown by Mark Falzon of Ollie Benji Bengals in Malta, has been given an award of  Excellence!
Thank you to Mark for showing this gorgeous boy,

Hercules is ‘Best black silver spotted Bengal of the year 2018 region of Southern Europe!

IW SGCH Silverstorm Ottos Legacy of Capstone is an International winner!

We could not be more proud of this phenomenal F5 boy from Otto and Legacy, who has achieved such success on the TICA show circuit. Ottos Legacy lives at Capstone Bengals in the USA, This is what Cathy Honacher, his owner, has to say:

” So proud of this boy with his outstanding looks, confirmation and impeccable temperament. Thank you to all the judges that recognized and appreciated his superb Bengal type. Elizabeth Smith thanks for allowing us to have this boy to love.”

I would like to thank Cathy also for showing this boy so well and giving him such a loving home to enable him to reach his full potential.

Silverstorm Bengals shares its beautiful home in Snowdonia National park with The Welsh Mountain zoo high above Conway Bay. The zoo is home to a very beautiful and important breeding pair of Snow Leopards. The zoo is currently holding a crowdfund raising campaign to raise £200,000 for a wonderful new enclosure for their snow leopards.

Silverstorm Bengals have pledged £100. Please think about donating or choose an reward by pledging an amount. All details can be found here: THE SILK ROAD PROJECT

“The Silk Road Project aims to build state of the art accommodation for one of the world’s most vulnerable big cat species, while also forging connections with the world’s most important growth economy – China. By helping to build our new snow leopard enclosure you can be part our most ambitious and important project to date. We want to prepare for the next 50 years. And with your help, we know we can do it.

The project will see completely new accommodation for our snow leopards, creating a representation of the mountainous regions in which this endangered species lives. The Silk Road will forge links with China and the Himalayan Mountains exploring the Chinese culture, language, environment and species that originate from there.

The new snow leopard home will be designed to offer visitors a nose to nose visual experience through glass, whilst an elevated walkway will journey around the site, offering panoramic views across the Zoo and to the Carneddau Mountains.







My home bred kitten Luna attended her 22251215_10214872531514741_1747954281_o1st TICA show run by the London cat show, part of a family pet show, in Manchester last Saturday.
Its been some time since I last went to a show and it was lovely to see old friends and new!
I am thrilled with her results Luna winning 3 Best of breed, and 2 best of breeds and was Best kitten twice in finals and also 5th best kitten.. I would like to say a special thank you to judge Steven Meserve for awarding Luna her Best kitten finals, and recognizing how hard it is to produce such a clear untarnished coat in a silver. He commented on her crazy contrast, glitter and muscular structure.
Luna and Ravi were side by side with James Brown and a Street cat named Bob who also attended the pet show! Here they are together signing his books.





He has been attending quite afew shows in China lately with his owner Rongly Li, and has been doing really very well. What a handsome boy he is, just like his father Otto and grandfather Regional winner and Supreme Grand-champion Silverstorm The Maharajas Cat. His extremely laid back temperamant no doubt helps, as you can see sitting up to eat is just too much effort!














This little boy is one of my spring kittens. He is a silver F5, which means he is 5 generations away from an Asian Leopard Cat. The name of this particular Asian Leopard cat is ‘New Horizons Leopole’. I think he is absolutely beautiful, and of the palest silver colour which is just breathtaking. I don’t think i will be able to let him go. Watch this space  for updates on him!