Silverstorm Trooper a silver Bengal cat



Silverstorm Trooper is my outstanding keeper boy from Otto and Silver Lining.  He is a grandson to the iconic Maharajahs Cat. Trooper is all I had hoped for from this wonderful pairing. Both parents are big, muscular cats. His clear contrasted coat, is patterned with black rosettes, which have a good  horizontal flow and are painted on to a long muscular body, remanisent of the Leopard Cat.

Silverstorm Trooper  is still young and has some growing to do, but is going to be a big boy like his parents I think. He has a beautiful profile, gold eyes and a wild essence to him.

Scroll through the photos to see him as a younger kitten.

You can see his sire Otto here

and his dam Silver Lining here


Teddy is an awesome F7 silver boy. He has outlined rosettes in a Snow Leopard pattern. A very muscular boy with small rounded ears and thick tail. Everyone loves Teddy!

From the moment  Nanuk was born i knew he was special and i had to keep him. He is a silver seal-lynx.
‘Nanuk’ is the Inuit (Eskimo) word for Polar bear.
He has strong boning and a deep body, a strong head, and beautiful slightly convex profile flowing over to rounded back scull. His contrasted pattern sits on a lovely cool white clear back background, with outlined rosettes right down and onto his super thick and blunt ended tail.  Nanuk is 6 generations away from ALC Leopole, 9 from ALC Phantom, 8 from ALC Taro, 10 from ALC Kabuci and 7 from ALC Elias.






SIRE: RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat

DAM: PurebengalsGB Amarillo Starlight

PK Negative

HCM tested clear April 2017



Otto is an outstanding boy sired by my very own Regional win Supreme Grand Champion Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat. His mother is an extremely pretty clear coated and contrasted  silver seal-lynx owned by Dinah Ashley-Cooper.

Otto has luxurious silky, glass like pelt, with ink black to the skin rosettes, beautifully contrasted on a pale silver clear background. He has a low slung leopard walk with a thick tail,  a wild head and expression, with small ears and large nocturnal eyes.


NOW RETIRED, but his family line lives on here at Silverstorm





SIRE: Jungletime Tribal Design

DAM: QGCH Silverstorm Raindance

HCM Negative 2013 PK Negative


Rajah was presented with an Award of Excellence, and is 17th Best shorthair cat of the year and Best silver spotted Bengal in Western Europe region 2013

He is also 3rd Best black silver spotted Bengal in the world 2012 and 2013

Rajah is the last kitten Tribal Design gave me and what a cat he is. He has a regal, big cat presence that I have never seen in a domestic cat before. He is heavily boned with  a powerful, muscular body right down to his huge paws and knuckles. With big clouded leopard rosettes painted on a tight silky glass like pelt, he is so glittered he slips through your hands!  He has a phenomenal head and profile, with small well placed ears, large, slightly oval nocturnal eyes, and a strong, deep chin. When he walks his carriage and tail are low with a slow Leopard shoulder shuffle.

celticat show 045