Child holding cat

Cuddle time, for Silverstorm Pacha from his little friend. This has to be the winner of the cutest Silverstorm photo award!

Lauren St John’s kitten, a silver spotted Bengal cat sitting in a cardboard box with the words ‘small’ written in black on it. Lauren St John’s kitten is small but not for long!
Silverstorm Teddy is a lucky boy, he now lives with award winning author and animal lover Lauren St John.
Teddy is a stunning silver rosetted boy. Thanks Lauren for this lovely photo and it was a pleasure to meet you.

If you would like to learn more about Lauren and her wonderful books you can find her website here


A Brown charcoal Bengal cat called Chewie is lieing on the floor. He is on his back with his legs in the air. His owner is brushing cat nip off him with a dustpan and brush. Keep off the catnip!




Keep off the catnip Chewie! Silverstorm Chewie is a brown charcoal Bengal.
This hilarious photo was sent to me by his new family. Here he is having a brush down. His eyes say it all  😂






The beautiful Kloecatra now lives with her new family in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Kelly for the photo





Silverstorm Miyamoto Musashi and Silverstorm Sasaki kojiro, now live in Canada.




Silverstorm Miyamoto showing off his paw print rosettes in a beautiful cat nap .
Miyamoto lives in Canada.




Dolce & Gabbana model,  the beautiful Laura Murrey  posing with the gorgeous Silverstorm Passion.






Silverstorm Mr White sleeping off his long journey to San Francisco. Pictures here with his new mum, the lovely model Natalia Garibotto  




Silverstorm Pacha with his comfy human Ian.